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makemeasammichyo asked: you decided on a major yet? Or any closer lol

Yes and no. So my freshman year (last year) I was an art & design major with a concentration in graphic design. I didn’t like the school/kind of the major so I decided to transfer. The school im going to now they really don’t want you to pick a major until you’re a junior. So I have 2 years to decided my major ( not enough of my credits were able to transfer so im considered a freshman again). But as of right now I want to major in ceramic & glass.




d0pe-wild-free thanks! that actually does seem like a great way to discover what I should go into, but my parents just keep pressuring me to make a decision now & it’s annoying lol

You’re going to be a freshman, right? Making the decision before you start is a TERRIBLE idea. I was told over and over to go in as undeclared, but I didn’t listen. I started taking classes for my first major immediately then figured out that it wasn’t what I thought. So then I switched two more times and ultimately ended up switching to English after taking an English class I had to take. If I would have just taken my basics to begin with I wouldn’t have to be going for 5 years instead of 4 and have wasted money on the other classes (or have 2 D’s on my transcript). But exploring is a good idea, and you can always sit in on some classes too if you ask the professor! Good luck girl!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I’ve honestly never known anyone that’s gone through what you have so it’s awesome to know I’m not alone in this lol.

omg that’s basically my whole college experience so far and its only my 2nd year starting in the fall

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look at how apathetic everyone is. we’re gonna bust so much ass in fiba this year and still look sad as hell doin it. fuck yeah america.

Kevin “Glo Gang” Durant

Derrick “What The Hell Am I Doing on the Court” Rose 

Kevin in the teacher power stance

Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan — Los Angeles Clippers

@cp3 welcoming the crowd at his ping pong charity event featuring some of the top NBA players #TopSpinLV #Clippers #CP3 ::